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The Revolutionary Vitapod drink system is on sale now! Get yours now! So many good thing packed into one glass. Free Shipping Over $50. 30 Day Guarantee. Refreshing Tap Water.

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Get an EXTRA $10 Off Vitapod Starter Kit
$10 off your first purchase of a Vitapod Starter Kit. $10 off Vitapod Machine Starter Kit. $10 off Vitapod Machine Only.
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Get an EXTRA $10 Off Vitapod Machine
Get an extra $10 off your first purchase of a Vitapod Machine
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  • Family: Vitapod drinks are perfect for the whole family. Everyone needs to make sure they're getting their vitamins, and the flavors will make the kids love drinking healthy.
  • Home: Vitapod is the cool, sleek addition to any kitchen. Be the first to have the hottest trend in kitchen tech.
  • Nutrition: Each pod is formulated by doctors with the specific goal of closing the nutrition gap in Americans. Loaded with vitamins A, C, D, E, essential minerals like magnesium and potassium, and plant antioxidants known as flavonoids which protect against UV radiation and viruses.

About Vitapod:

Everything we design is made with our mission in mind:
Healthy Family. Healthy Planet.

We can make a great tasting drink with fully recyclable pods that produce 90% less waste than single use bottles while also providing nutrients and vitamins that we’re missing in our daily diets. We can create a world where our families are healthier and the earth around use doesn’t suffer. And frankly, we all need it.